Work Package 6: Dissemination and management

In view of the policy relevance of EconTrans the project aims to be as transparent as possible to the research community and decision makers.

  • Organisation of project work and internal communication
  • Organisation of internal and external workshops
  • Organisation of dissemination (webpage, publication strategies)
  • Project controlling

The interactions with the research community and policy stakeholders will focus among a web-based dissemination also on two workshops.

Task 6.1

Web-based tool for communication and dissemination

A web-based tool will distribute all relevant information and project results that will be available beyond the duration of the project This comprises data sets, usable model inputs as well as project and workshop documentation.

Task 6.2

Interaction with stakeholders and researchers

Ongoing communication via web is complemented by two external workshops. The first workshop allows stakeholders and decision makers to give input on transformation pathways to be simulated. A workshop at the end of the project aims at delivering research results for policy support in a concise way that leaves enough room for discussion.

Task 6.3

Project administration

The project management tasks will involve the coordination activities with the project partners as well as the communication and reporting with the funding entities:

  • Scheduling, internal communication, communication with stakeholders
  • Planning and organising the kick-off meeting and workshops
  • Project results and workshop materials will be made available on the web page
  • Project results will be described in reports, scientific articles, policy briefs and conference contributions