Scenario Results

This figure illustrates the sectoral GHG emissions linked to Shelter and Access – actual emission in 2014 and scenario results for 2050.

  • The left vertical axis of the Sankey diagram shows emissions linked of functionalities dis-aggregated by categories to provide the functionalities
  • The flows represent the emissions connected to these satisfiers,
    • Direct emissions
    • Indirect emissions along the whole production chain
    • Investment related emissions
  • The right vertical axis of the Sankey shows UNFCCC Emission Inventory sectors
  • One can choose between the two years “2014” and “2050”.
    • 2014 represents the actual emissions in 2014 linked to the “satisfiers” (see Sommer et al., 2021; WIFO Working Paper 635)
    • 2050 shows the change of emission flows in the year 2050 based on the sce-nario simulations developed in Econ-Trans (see Bachner et al., 2021; WIFO Working Paper 636)