Work Package 3: Linking functionalities and resource use

The aim of this work package is a more detailed way to present functionalities for well-being that result from the interaction of flows and stocks based on an extended list of resources. For providing the functionalities we distinguish between the resources: human, reproducible and natural (material resources, energy and other natural resources). The focus here lies on the functionalities shelter and access to persons, good and locations as well as other life support functionalities.

In order to analyse well-being relevant functionalities a thorough understanding and the compilation of detailed data on the interactions of stocks and flows and resource use is inevitable. This requires the combination of data sets that are publicly available but also a data search and gathering that goes beyond that. This effort is undertaken for the three named functionalities.

Thus WP3 constructs a comprehensive database for the deepened structural modelling in WP4.

Task 3.1

Linking the functionality shelter to resource use

The relevance of a detailed capturing of the functionality shelter stems from the importance of the quality of buildings on the demand of energy flows. Here we identify an extended list of resource needs for the investment as well as the operating phase of buildings to provide the functionality shelter. Taking the operating phase into account is of special relevance to climate issues because of longevity of buildings.

Task 3.2

Linking the functionality access to resource use

The functionality access to persons, goods and locations goes far beyond the common concept of transport. It encompasses not only physical modes of transport, but also information technologies, spatial planning or behavioural change.

Task 3.3

Linking the other life support functionalities to resource use

In order to provide a comprehensive coverage of economic activities the third category of functionalities will be assessed. This category however can only be evaluated in a rougher detail than shelter and access.