Input-Output (Model for download)

An aggregated version of the input model to reproduce these figures is available for download.

  • The download comprises a R script and the data file that contains the Input-Output information
  • The files can be used to derive Energy Demand for the year 2014 by functionality or final demand structure
  • Inputs for the simulation are
    • Composition of functionality satisfiers and levels thereof (2014 = 1)
    • Composition of final demand by commodity (Mio. Euro)
  • Outputs shown in the figure
    • the energy demand of 2014 by functionality and related to export
    • further disaggregated by
      • Five Energy types (fossil, waste, biomass energy sources, ambient heat, electricity)
      • Purpose of use
        • Thermal: high or low temperature
        • Mechanical, for mobile or stationary engines
        • Specific electric , as for IT, lightning