Work Package 1: Identifying the transformation challenge

The main objective of this WP is to situate the concept of functionalities in the broader context of the ongoing discourse on the multi-faceted transformational challenges linked to the SDGs, human well-being, the Paris Agreement and fundamental breakthrough low-carbon technologies. In line with the overall project, we will focus on the subset of energy related functionalities and SDGs, which are of utmost importance in terms of international climate policy. We set out to qualitatively suggest an operationalization of energy-related SDGs by employing the concept of functionalities.

Task 1.1

Revisiting the transformation discourse

By carrying out a comprehensive literature review, we will identify the key transformational challenges and their interlinkages. The list of challenges includes the decarbonisation of our economies, the implementation of the SDGs and the massive socioeconomic transformations triggered by disruptive technologies.

Task 1.2

Improving our understanding on wellbeing

Tackling these multiple challenges will require a reconsideration of the understanding of human wellbeing. Here, we suggest wellbeing-generating functionalities, such as shelter, access, and other life support services as ultimate goal of economic activities. We will embed the concept of functionalities in the broader transformational discourse, particularly focusing on energy-related functionalities and on disruptive technologies.

Task 1.3

Functionalities informing the transformation agenda

After having identified the relevant links between the transformation agenda, human wellbeing and functionalities, we qualitatively employ the concept of functionalities and suggest appropriate indicators to inform the operationalization and measurement of energy related SDGs as well as of the Paris Agreement. For this task we will carry out, in addition to desktop research, expert interviews and 1-2 focus group discussions, which will tackle, amongst others, the salient question of potential impacts of disruptive transformation on well-being.