Emissions in the year 2014 by functionalities

  • This bar chart visualizes Austria’s GHG emissions of the year 2014 related to the provision of functionalities, domestically and abroad (via exports)
    We describe functionalities as the interaction between stocks and flows, which in combination provide a service that satisfy broad categories of basic human needs, such as shelter or access (to persons, goods, services and locations).
  • The horizontal axis of the bar chars allocates the total of Austrian emissions to
    • Shelter – well tempered residential living space
    • Access – access to persons, goods, services and locations
    • Other life support activities – as nutrition, education etc.
    • Exports
  • These emissions are further decomposed in
    • Direct emissions which are caused by residential heating systems or the operation of private cars
    • Indirect emissions, caused by the production and transport of goods and services
    • Emissions linked to necessary investments as in buildings or infrastructure
  • The vertical axis
    • indicates where along the production chain, emissions occur